I am Jesus Mendez

I help people in organizations collaborate and find heart when doing it.
One collaboration at a time.

Who we are.

Our team is composed by Los Chus (my wife and I)
I'm the one experimenting and Luisa helps me inspect/adapt with charm.

Los Chus


Sometimes is hard to achieve specific goals and make decisions with your teams. As a skilled outsider, I can give you a hand to spark thoughtful and constructive dialogue.


A Cultural shift requires self-awareness, deep reflexion and someone who cares about people, with enough courage to give you feedback that could enable change. I can walk you through it and do it together.


I offer you tools and techniques to elevate your collaboration skills and find heart when doing it. Give it a try and you'll be thrilled.


I'll be more than happy to share with your audience, my experiences about helping people in organizations survive and thrive through effective collaboration.

How we work.

1 First of all, we help you identify what problem/need we can help you to solve, in order to validate fit and confirm if we be at help to assist you with finding solutions to your specific needs. In this "Discovery" phase, we will help you create a Vision and identify your top challenges.

2 Then is time to "Explore" what's really happening on the field, connect with people, listen from the source, what is on the way of effective collaboration. Precious time to validate perceptions and create a common backlog of Problems/Needs.

3 It this point of the process, we will help your teams "Set Target Conditions", that would enable you/your organization, overcome the challenges and reach your Vision.

4 This is our favorite part of the process, is time to start "Experimenting" until the teams reach the "Target Conditions". We will do it by iterations, inspecting and adapting all along the way.