ScrumMasters Clinics


Hosting and organizing the ScrumMasters Clinics #MTL is my way to help the Agility community to grow and help with building the next generation of Agility Enablers together.


ScrumMaster clinics provide a health check for newly practicing ScrumMasters. Facilitated by experienced ScrumMasters and coaches, the clinic is a place to come to share your struggles, offer ideas, listen and learn, and become rejuvenated in your work.


The clinics are facilitated by two or more trainers, coaches and mentors from the Agile Montreal community.

“The ScrumMaster Clinic initiative began in London in July 2017 and has quickly spread to other cities around the world. To hold the spirit of the original London clinics the founders offer these seven principles, which, if embraced, will act as guiding agreements for any new clinic.” Tobias Mayer.


The spirit of these clinics will be one of camaraderie, team creation and continuous improvement.

  • The clinics will always be free, but voluntary donations can be collected to cover room costs and refreshments.
  • Each clinic will have more than one facilitator, to avoid creating a cult of personality, or any form of dependence.
  • Facilitators are volunteers.
  • Facilitators are more experienced than participants, or have particular knowledge or skills to share.
  • Over time, regular attendees will begin to mentor new attendees.
  • Over more time, regular mentors will become facilitators.
  • Anyone can start their own ScrumMaster Clinic initiative whenever and wherever they like, and may or may not embrace these agreements.
  • The ScrumMasters Clinics will be bilingual (English and French) without any preferences.

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