Our why

Senior, junior and novice Agility Enablers have an insatiable thirst for learning. We need tools, hard and soft skills to get better at what we do, to enable change through agility at the workplace.
That's why we’re leading several initiatives, always in a FUN spirit, with two main purposes:

  • Nourishing the ever-lasting Agility Enablers worldwide community.

  • Supporting vulnerable children and teenagers to help provide relief where it is most needed.


Get acces to my personal library of how to's resources, tools and techniques to help you enable Agility at the workplace, one Journey at a time.

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Agility Enablers Series

More than 30 video interviews, where we explore the lives and journeys of very special, experienced Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Agile Coaches and Agile Leaders from around the globe.

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ScrumMaster Clinics #MTL (2019-2021)

Learn more about what we did to help the Montreal's Agility Enablers community to grow through our amazing Community of Practice.

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Agility Enabling Toolkit

A field testet set of tools to support you with unlocking agility at the workplace that has worked in different context and industries.

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Social Responsability

Future generations are also the kids from our neighbourhoods, our cities and countries, from the planet earth. Some are more vulnerable than others. Some need help…
As an adoptive family, we have the conviction that together we can change the course of things for vulnerable children and teenagers, one step at a time.
These are the causes that are close to our hearts: