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Enable Agility

Our team works closely with your future/existing Agility Enablers to find ways to build Agility superpowers at the workplace. We create magical learning experiences adapted to your needs.

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Write & Share

Jesus is passionate about writing and sharing its experiences. He is the author of the workbook “Forming Agile Teams” and the mini book series “Lift Off Agile Teams”. Learn more about the content.

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Build Next Generations

We nurture our souls by creating events that enable people to learn by sharing experiences. Curious? Join the movement and let’s do it together!

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Jesus loves tapping into the collective intelligence of a group of people by creating magical learning experiences at events in Canada & US. Let’s bring that magique to your next event.

Upcoming Engagements


Jesus purpose’s is to connect people by sharing his experiences at events in Canada and the US. Let’s bring that connection to your next event.

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Building Agility Enablers on the field

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What’s New and Exciting

Forming Distributed Agile Teams

Ideas, resources, experiences to help you build geographically distributed Agile teams.

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ScrumMaster Clinics #MTL

Let's get the future generation of
Agility Enablers up and running, starting now.

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Facilitation Engagements

We are passionate about creating long-lasting learning experiences through facilitation.

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