A silent moment, rum and cocacola

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The story that you are about to read, happened the second day of the Agile Coach Camp Canada 2019 around 8pm, when me and 12 to 14 Agile practitioners gathered together to experience the Surprising power of the Liberating Structures.

My intention

I wanted to test a string of Liberating Structures with people that I knew were able to go for the extra mile and see how It would it be.

What was the Liberating Structures (LS) string we used?

  1. Impromtu Networking
  2. Troika Consulting
  3. What, So What and Now What (W3) (Debrief)

What was liberated and surprising?

First of all, we planned to spend 1 hour together and we ended up spending 2 hours and a half.

By the time we were finishing the Troika Consulting exercise, some participants decided to leave and some others stayed to debrief the experience using W3.

We sat together in a round table and one of the participants, « Juanito », brought Rum and Coca-Cola to celebrate the end of a fantastic learning by sharing day, full of experiences thanks to the Agile Coach Camp Canada folks.

Then, after a well deserved pause, I invited participants to answer the following path of actions that would help us with debriefing the experiment:

What – Invitation, instructions and sequence of steps

I ask participants to reflect about what was the most relevant, impactful element that stood out for each of us during our experience together using the #LiberatingStructures?

To do it, I invite them to take a moment and reflect in silence about the invitation and then share their thoughts with the group. We did a 1–All at each stage of the W3, just for you to know.

So What – Invitation and reflections

I asked them to Think about your “What”, and name 3 personal values that were touched/reached by, when reflecting to your What.

Participants started to think about their personal values and there you could see that something magical was happening inside each one of them, people started to connect with their inner voices and make that visible through their faces and gestures.

At some point during that special experience, we were so deeply connected, that a beautiful moment of profound silence was created for about 10 seconds…. please take a couple of seconds to imagine it.

What was happening there?

Given that I was really aware that something like it could happen with the group, I took my courage and make it visible back to them. Most of us have had that type of expérience before that moment but one of us discovered it there, just in front of us and it was Wow!

Now what – (We left the room)

It took the group about 5 to 10 minutes to digest and absorb what did happened there, and before we were able to continue, we got asked to leave the room to be cleaned up.

So we didn’t finish the Now What part and we left the room, and I can tell I felt how strongly connected we were given to the bond we were able to build through the whole experience.

Call to action

I would love to know about you and how you react when a moment of deeply human connection happen?

How does it feels and what is made possible for you and those around you?

Did you find what I wrote appealing and want to see more? Would you like to experience what Liberating Structures look like?

Here some options that I have prepared for you to keep us growing together:

  • Be part of the ScrumMasters Clinic MTL and help us with building the next generation of #AgilityEnablers in town.
  • Visit my website and leave a comment letting us know, what theme would you be curious to explore using the liberating structures.
  • Support my writing by: getting a copy of my book Forming Agile Teams, encourage me to start writing the second workbook of the Agile teams from forming to performing series called “Storming Agile Teams” or get a copy of one of minibooks (Lift off Agile Teams – The team’s transformation process or Agile Teams – Improvement tools and exercises)
  • Share and discuss this post with your colleagues and friends.
  • Be good with yourself, your people and smile 😃 to the world 🌎.

All the best,


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