We are Jesus Mendez

Curious and passionate about
building possibilities with people in organisations
through Lean-Agile practices.

Who we are.

Our team is composed by Los Chus (my wife and I)
I'm the one who talks to people and is out there experimenting.
Luisa helps me with inspecting and adapting at what I do with her particular and enchanting charm, love and great care.

Jesus Mendez

Agility Enabler

Luisa González P

Commercial Photographer

What we value.

family, friends and people's growth
Learning by sharing

How do we generally approach work

1 First of all, we help you identify what problem/need requires to be resolved, to validate fit, readiness for change and test if we would be able to assist you with finding solutions to your specific needs. During this "Discovery" phase, we will help you confirm your a Vision for the change, identify your top 3 challenges and set the conditions of success that will help us validate that we are in the right track.

2 Then is time to "Explore" what's really happening on the field, connect with people, listen from the source, what is on the way of effective collaboration. Precious time to validate perceptions and create a common backlog of Problems/Needs.

3At this point of the conversation, we will help your teams "Set Target Conditions", that would enable you/your organization, overcome the challenges you have been facing and enable your people to get closer to your company's Vision.

4 This is our favorite part of the process, is time to start "Experimenting" until the teams reach the "Target Conditions". We will do it by iterations, inspecting and adapting all along the way.

What Services offer

What people are saying about

  • After the Liberating Structures Workshop: Thanks Jesus Mendez for sharing this with us. For me was incredible because it was a way to connect and learn from others in order to embrace new ways of thinking and it was also a way to self - discovery. After this I'm hoping to be able to practice this with our team to improve our own way to do things and also to be able to create things with our clients even with our kids!!!!! 😀

    Paola Andrea Díaz Vargas (Operation Manager | Scrum Master, La Fabrique_A)

  • Thank you for enabling us to experience such wonderful memory. The way we were able to have such an open and caring discussion would have not been possible without you. You are truly an amazing coach.

    Alvaro Morataya (Scrum Master) at Agile Coach Camp Canada 2019, Liberating Structures Session

  • Jesus is such a great asset to our group. His way of facilitating discussions among peers and keeping the tension down while bringing up constructive approach to help us achieve our goals. Jesus is fully open and his not afraid of telling it like it is. Having Jesus to talk to and helping you find the way to communicate a message is invaluable asset to any team. Very lucky to be working with him.

    Pascal Larrive (Cloud Specialist at iWeb)

  • I worked with Jesus for about four years. Actually I hired him just before he came in to Canada. He promptly learned French and rapidly become a good contributor of our development.
    His passion to management brought him to become a Scrum Master, a position that fits pretty well with his personality. He always did a great job of keeping the team on track, accordingly to their sprint planning. I recommend Jesus for any Scum Master; he will easily integrate within its new team and quickly catch up the technology.

    Nicola Roy (Averna Technologies)