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Begind the Scenes of Retrospectives

Ben Linders said: “if you want to solve the problems that you are having, and deliver more value to your customers, you have to change the way you do your work. That is why agile promotes the usage of retrospectives: To help teams to solve problems and improve themselves!” 

In this 3 hours long workshop, I will walk you through the reasons, concepts, phases, tips and tricks of agile retrospectives and everything that happen behind the scenes. We’ll share the space and learn together how to make this event a great one in a practical, engaging, fun and interactive manner.

Are you ready for the challenge?

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[rt_section] [rt_simple_title name=”What’s in it for me?”] [collapsibles] [collapse title=”What’s in agile retrospective all about”] We will set the ground by sharing our view of what an agile retrospective is all about.
[/collapse] [collapse title=”Roles & Responsibilities involved “] We will share our view about the two roles involved in a typical retrospective (The facilitator and the participants) [/collapse] [collapse title=”The Framework”] We will present you a model of 5 phases, to ease your job and help you with delivering purposeful and focused retrospectives.
[/collapse] [collapse title=”Designing + Preparing”] In the phase of the workshop, we will identify and provide you with tools and techniques to:
– Understand in which team development stage the team is in
– Gather information about the team, previous iterations, project, product, and development issues, etc.
– Create a proposed agenda for the team’s retrospective.
[/collapse] [collapse title=”Running an agile retrospective”] In the phase of the workshop, we will identify and provide you with tools and techniques to:
– Make the most efficient meeting possible.
– Help the team with creating a plan to take actions that would help the team improve in the future, one action at a time.
– Explain the agile retrospectives 5 phases model proposed by Esther Derby’s book (Agile Retrospectives)
[/collapse] [collapse title=”Documenting + Sharing”] In the phase of the workshop, we will identify and share ideas to:
– Help the organization understanding value of agile retrospective by setting what is expected from the team in terms of continuous improvement (Remember this time is an investment, so it should bring some benefits to the company)
– Help the team identify how continuous improvement actions will be shared with the organization
[/collapse] [collapse title=”Inspecting + Adapting”] In the phase of the workshop, we will identify and provide you ideas to:
– Get feedback from participants, other colleagues to help us improve our effectiveness and impact on team performance and continuous improvement
[/collapse] [collapse title=”Following up”] In the phase of the workshop, we will discuss and share some strategies to:
– Help teams to make their decisions stick (organization), further than the retrospective meeting or the team
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What an agile retrospective is all about
DESIGNING + PREPARING (A model or two to help you it)
RUNNING Retros (One or two ways to inspire you)
DOCUMENTING + SHARING (One model or two)
INSPECT + ADAPT (A couple of ideas to motivate you)
FOLLOWING UP (Ideas to make team’s decisions stick)
Several techniques to help you with facilitating retrospectives
Tones of questions and a lot of curiosity about the subject
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