As long as we are together

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What brought me to write this post?

Since confinement started weeks ago, we decided as a family that would leave the house together, only once per week on weekends. We also agreed, I would be the only one leaving the car to pick up our groceries, while mammy and daughter would wait inside the car. As part of the deal, I would be always wearing a mask and globes to reduce the risk to get Covid-19.

This afternoon, while going to Bulk Barn to pick up our weekly groceries, I noticed a lot of people walking and seating together on the Lachine Canal, like a typical sunny day of spring in Montreal, without Covid-19 spreading freely across the city.

That made me wonder…

  • Are we really fighting this virus together?
  • What about those working nonstop in the frontline dreaming to take a break?
  • What about the “bien etre” of the whole city?
  • How do you think our provincial leaders would feel, when they see all their efforts to keep everyone safe vanishing?
  • Do you think that you are stronger than those who already got Covid-19?

What if …

  • We would live in a country without leaders taking care of their people, or a country without enough money to support those without jobs?
  • Leaders decided to impose confinement instead of trusting us?
  • We were forced to take this mortal virus seriously?
  • We lead by example staying at home?

My invitation is to take a moment to appreciate what you have

I personally thank you for reading my article. I celebrate your courage, bravery and resilience.

Please stay at home, take a deep breath, keep yourself safe, and remember that:

No matter what happen, I strongly believe that We are incredibly better together, today more than ever!




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