Authenticity gives me power

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How do I know I am being authentic?

  • I said what I think and there is no regrets
  • I act naturally, no masks, no postures
  • I  am strongly connected, soul-body-mind-spirit
  • Things come and go easy
  • I feel that I can do everything
  • Smiles and laugh comes easy

How authenticity has helped me recently?

I learned yesterday afternoon that I would be working (enabling Agility) from home, as a way to prevent Covid-19 from keeping expanding in town. My immediate reaction was to ask my professional network and friends to share their views about ways to adapt our work to the new reality. The answer was fast and people’s reactions were extremely generous, open minded and kind. This act of authentically expressing my willingness to bring some potential solutions back to work, got me a beautiful surprise by the end of the day. I can’t still believe what happened, just because I was connected to my most authentic self.

That has made me wonder:

  • How many opportunities have I missed because I was pretending to be someone else?
  • How much easier life could be when I am being authentic, real?

What if …..

  • I start acting naturally without really caring about what others are thinking about me?
  • I let myself go and see what happenned then?
  • What would change if smiles and laughter comes easier everyday? What would be possible?

My invitation is to embrace the power of authenticity 

Now that you know a little bit more about myself, I invite you to take a moment and look around, staying curious and being brave.

  • How would your life be if you embrace authenticity?
  • What do you do to help you be your most authentic self?
  • What first step would you take to have enough courage to feel strongly connected to your (soul-body-mind and spirit) and being the most natural version of yourself?

Keep it up, and remember that:

We are better together!


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