Authenticity, it’s all about being yourself

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Authenticity, it’s all about being yourself

The first weekend of June, I went to my third Agile Coach Camp Canada without knowing what I was going to discover about myself. It was two and a half days full of joy, incredible people and really deep connections which I will always keep close to my heart. It was a gift to be there, surrounded by beautiful, smart and curious people; world changers and hope believers who have influenced and transformed my life in different ways. What I mean by beautiful – I’m talking about peoples’ souls, I’m referring to humanity in the most intense sense of the word. Experienced coaches, testers, developers, teachers, and professionals from different parts of the globe, readily available for me, ready to listen and connect with me. I just can’t get enough of that feeling, and it feels great to be part of the group and to have an opportunity to help the community grow.

But this time something happened to me; I’ve discovered how powerful it is to be yourself and it could sound silly, and maybe not to you, but what I’ve found out about myself has helped me to reconnect with the joyful person that I have inside. I’ll give you some examples:

  • I discovered the dancer and how my passion for dancing can be contagious. Can you imagine a guy proposing an open space session where dance is involved? Well I did it, and it felt great. By being my most authentic self, I’ve ended up dancing with a bunch of beautiful people in the middle of the hotel in Cornwall. What was the impact? I was extremely surprised about what happened; it was phenomenal how engaged I was with myself and with everybody else. In addition, I received several expressions of love from the people who were really appreciative of what I did; it was incredible to me. I had an amazing experience and I think it was because when I dance I’m connected a 100% with my real self and people can sense it and that makes others curious about it.
  • It took me less effort and I got much more joy than ever. During the open space warm up exercise, which was facilitated brilliantly by the charismatic Brian (Billy the singer), I really got into it! I was having a lot of fun cheering for the winners, making different noises and at some point during the final segment of the exercise, I was even booing Brian; can you imagine? Well that’s me, expressing myself all the way, and guess what? It felt marvelous being me once again! What I’ve learned? Being me is easy, because I don’t need to pretend; no need to please or to meet others’ expectations to be accepted. Being me is enough; it’s amazing, it’s powerful and it makes me feel agiler! It’s simple, and when it happens I’m at my best.

Thank you Agile Coach Canada Campers for being there for me, for mirroring me with my authentic real self, thank you for sharing with me your passions and mostly for caring about who I am.

I wish you all the best and I invite all of you to give it a try and I look forward to reconnecting with that beautiful person that we all have inside, you won’t regret it.

Hope to hear about your real self soon too.



In the photo, my beautiful niece Ana Sofia when she was almost two years old, photographed by my amazing and beautiful commercial photographer and wife Luisa Gonzalez P,

3 Comments on “Authenticity, it’s all about being yourself”

  1. It sure does sound like an empowering experience, Jesus!
    Dancing does create a flow from inside out, a great tool to connect.
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. It does Carolina, I’m truly connected with myself when I dance. And yes, it’s empowering. Thank you for reading a commenting. All the best, Jesus

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