I am the author of Forming Agile Teams, a comprehensive guide and welcome addition to the agile resource library for anyone looking for how-to’s of an Agile /Scrum implementation in a small/ medium size organization.
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I am so grateful that I found Jesus Mendez's ebook, "Agile Teams - Improvement Tools and Exercises." The team exercises that he describes to improve agility is exactly what my organization needs. This is a great ebook that I would recommend to any project manager without hesitation.Jessica Bellas- International Project Manager - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Just finished reading your book!!! Awesome stuff. I love the Retros you shared. I am planning on using some of them next week!! @chuzzete you did a good job ... You should be proud and happy!!Joanna Stone - AGILE COACH/ ENTERPRISE AGILE EVANGELIST
Thanks Jesus. The book is really helpful, nice work.Ashis Dutt - AGILE COACH & DEVELOPMENT LEADER
The abundance of diagrams and visual aids makes it an easy to implement book. It does not only rely on words to explain concepts, adding visuals, external resources and references for even more details, and templates for a comprehensive guide. The tone and writing style reads like a gentle, down-to-earth conversation, making it accessible to anyone, from new team member to share holder. Most of all, I simply love the explicit focus and practical examples Karin Dames - TRANSFORMATION COACH (EVERYDAYAGILE)

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