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The techniques and tools that you will find in this course, pretend to offer you an alternative-proven path to enrich your toolbox, enabling you to add more structure, transparency and visibility at what you do, when developing Agile teams.

By combining visual explanations with techniques, tips and tricks, we are going to walk through the videos and the whole material that I’ve built to support your crucial role within the organization as Scrum Master/Agile Coaches/Agile Practitioners.

Inspired from what I have been doing during the past ten (10) years when forming agile teams, I have created on the top of the traditional Scrum framework, what I have called the “Forming Agile Teams Flow”. A step by step flow, composed by nine (9) steps to facilitate understanding and give you a better idea about what, why, how and when I recommend to use the techniques suggested in the text that you are about to read.

It’s important for you to know that the techniques and tools that you’ll find in this course, are the result of a practical journey, plenty of learning, try outs, a lot of reading, meeting and collaborating with beautiful and exceptional people, a lot of hours of introspection and self-growing.

My intention, is to provide you with techniques, tools, tips and tricks that would ease your journey and increase the impact that you have over your teams and organizations; a way to start over that could help you with helping your teams to get organized, structured and navigate towards the next stage of the Tuckman’s theory of group development: “Storming”.

I wish you all the best with reducing team’s ambiguity by increasing clarity through an incredible and nurturing experience.