Forming Agile Teams Challenges

In by chuzzete

Everything that occurs with Tuckman’s theory of group development forming stage will set the foundations for the team to go through it different stages. It’s in this stage where:

  • Stakeholders will be super anxious about how things are going to work and what’s planned for the team in order to get results that will bring value as soon as possible.
  • Some boundaries will be set in terms of the product or service that the future team will be delivering.
  • Trust will be established between you and the team and between the team members as well.
  • The team will discover who does what and what makes each team member different and special.
  • The identity and team’s purpose will be determined.
  • The tone of every single conversation that will lead the team to succeed will be set.
  • Your super powers must be used to show the team what the path to sustainable high-performance looks likes.
  • Your senses will be tested and you’ll use them to help you decide what to do, how to do it and when to do it.