Our role in the Team’s Transformation Process

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As Scrum Masters/Agile Coaches/Agile Practitioners, we have a main role within the team’s transformation process. In my opinion, we should be leading the change process collaborating with a team composed by at least one representative of each group who has an interest in the team to be transformed.

Further than that, I truly believe that installing common sense should be our MOTTO. Guide people, teams and organizations to understand that being agile means to use the common sense in every single circumstance. I also believe in the benefits of connecting people by collaborating, as our main mission as people’s helpers. These could sound easy to do, but in practice it might be hard to get, especially when the only authority that you would have over people, comes from your ability to influence their lives and help them welcome change as make it part of their journey.

It’s a big, to be leading by example and permanently be there to inspire others to inspect and adapt. It requires courage, self-awareness, humbleness, love and hope that the best will come if we do it together.

Well, that’s our role in the team’s transformation process. We are at heart of it, and yes it’s up to you to make the difference and change the world, one team at a time.