Establishing a relationship of trust, your main goal

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Let me introduce to you my friend Tom Agile. Tom is an experienced Scrum Master/Agile Coach who is really passionate about helping others to reach their maximum potential.

Tom Agile Scrum Master

Tom Agile Scrum Master

In today’s post, we will share Tom’s latest experience with his new scrum team, and how about his experiences when establishing a relationship of trust with them.


Tom has been working in this small business (around 200 employees)during the last two(2)years, playing the role of Scrum Master of two different scrum teams. Tom is in the middle of a Scrum Master rotation plan, and he was assigned to work with a Scrum team called The A’S, composed by four(4)developers, one (1) Product Owner and Tom.

Tom’s main goal was to get the team to trust him, so then he fully act as their Scrum Master and with time, become the A’s Agile Coach. But the question was how to do it?

Let’s talk about Tom’s experience with the A’s

  1. Share intentions.The first day that Tom met The A’s, once he presented himself and shared who he was to the team, immediately he shared his intentions with the team. He said something like this:
    “Since now on, we will be working together to build something big, we will get ourselves to the best place that we all can be, and I think it’s going to be great”. Tom use to saying inspirational things to get his teams inspired, you will get to know him with time.
  2. Get to know the Product Owner and support what he/she is doing. Tom likes to take a seat first with the Product Owner, and ask questions about how he can help him/her to reach its vision and get it(s) product(s) to be in a better shape. Tom is an amazing listener, so at this stage of its integration process that’s what he does, pure and simple listening .
  3. Get to know the team, one on one.Tom is a people lover, given that, getting to know other people by meeting with them, is Tom’s way to get to know part of their stories too, and in fact an amazing way to create a virtual network of common things, that will lead to create the required bond that will keep the connected for the hard times.
  4. Be patient. Tom is really creative, and he likes to feel accepted. That’s why he enjoys sharing his opinions, and share his suggestions with the team. But the fact is, Tom is patient, he waits for the time to speak up and to share, because at this level of the conversation, that’s what Tom’s think the team’s need.
  5. Be there, more than ever. Tom likes to be involved, and teams seems to like Tom’s ways. So he is there, always offering his help by just being present for the team. Tom strongly believe that this is the time to listen others and be there period.

That’s it, as you can see, Tom has been doing whatever works for him, so now I think is your turn to take the bat and hit the ball by playing your own moves.

I can tell, that if you have read this post, is because you have what it takes to make your team trust you.

So please believe in yourself, and like a friend of mine said to me today, you are more than enough.

Willing to listen your feedback and ideas, and get inspired too.

All the best,


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