ScrumMaster Clinics #MTL (2019-2021)

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Purpose: Help with building the future generations of Agility Enablers in town.

Vision: We wanted to increase people's happiness and reduce suffering at the workplace

Strategy: We got together once per month, to tap to the collective intelligence of the Agile community to learn different perspectives, share experiences, tips and tricks to help us discover potential solutions to our daily problems.


  • Help Scrum Masters and Agility Enablers elevate their game to the next level and do it together
  • Provide a health check for newly and experienced ScrumMastering practitioners.
  • Facilitated by experienced ScrumMasters and coaches, the clinic is a place to come to share your struggles, offer ideas, listen and learn, and become rejuvenated in your work.


The clinics were facilitated by two or more trainers, coaches and mentors from the Agile Montreal community.

"The Scrum Master Clinic initiative began in London in July 2017 and has quickly spread to other cities around the world. To hold the spirit of the original London clinics, the founders offer these seven principles, which, if embraced, will act as guiding agreements for any new clinic." Tobias Mayer.


  • The spirit of the clinics was one of camaraderie, team creation and continuous improvement
  • ScrumMaster Clinic August 2019

  • ScrumMaster Clinic July 2019

  • ScrumMaster Clinic May 2019

  • Outcome of the Liberating Structure "TRIZ"


The spirit of these clinics was one of camaraderie, team creation and continuous improvement.

  • The clinics were always free, but voluntary donations can be collected to cover room costs and refreshments.
  • Each clinic had more than one facilitator, to avoid creating a cult of personality, or any form of dependence.
  • Facilitators were volunteers.
  • Facilitators were more experienced than participants, or have particular knowledge or skills to share.
  • Regular attendees became mentors to new attendees.
  • Regular mentors became facilitators.
  • Anyone could start their own Scrum Master Clinic initiative whenever and wherever they like, and may or may not embrace these agreements.
  • The Scrum Masters Clinics #MTL were hosted mostly in French. (English/French) participants are welcomed.

The Typical Format (It could change without notice)

  • Networking (10 minutes)
  • Welcome message and logistics of the event (5 minutes)
  • A Liberating Structure activity to get connected (45 minutes)
  • Quick Coaches/Facilitators introduction + Round Tables setup (5 minutes)
  • Pick a topic and talk to/with the Coach – 1st Round (20 minutes)
  • Pick a topic and talk to/with the Coach – 2nd Round (20 minutes)
  • Agenda is adapted to the Scrum Master Stance the group is exploring at the moment.
  • Closing the SMs Clinic (5 minutes)

What did we do to kept it up?

  • We contacted potential Coaches/facilitators willing to offer their time for free and join the upcoming meeting.
  • Picked a given subject from the teams' improvement backlog.
  • Got together (the organizer's team) to design and prepare the activities that will support participants discussions during the meeting of the upcoming month.
  • Participants got their spots by getting a free ticket or by donating their money to get a donation ticket.
  • Got everything set for the Scrum Master Clinics #MTL of the corresponding month.
  • Got together monthly for 1 hour and 30 minutes.
  • Learned by sharing together.
  • Tried to have fun and change the world, one conversation at a time.
  • Gathered money from Donation tickets, were used to finance one of the social causes we supported.

Experience Reports

Teams Improvement Backlog                   Donations report

  • February 
    •  L'impact du contexte sur moi, mon équipe, mon organisation AKA Santé mentale 
  • March
    •  Apprendre et avoir des outils pour influencer/provoquer une culture scrum-friendly entant qu'agent de changement 
  • April
  • May
  • June
    • Comment ce passe la semaine 1 d'un nouveau Scrum Master... Que devrait-il savoir ?
  • July
    • La posture du Scrum Master entant que Servant Leader
  • August:
    • Favoriser l'autoorganisation dans nos équipes
  • September:
    • Empirisme
  • October  - Online
  • November - Online
  • December (Year recap)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    • Did I need a ticket to join the Scrum Masters Clinics #MTL?
      • Yes you did. There were two types of tickets to join the Scrum Masters Clinics #MTL:
        • Free: you got your spot to join the Scrum Masters Clinic in a given month for free.
        • Donation:  you got your spot to join the Scrum Masters Clinics  #MTL by donating money to help the social causes we support, starting at 1$. 
    • How many spots/tickets were available in a given Scrum Masters Clinic #MTL?
      • 25 tickets were available for participants to join the meetings per month: 
        • 8 Free tickets
        • 17 Donation tickets
    • What did we do with the money that's being gathered from the donation type tickets?
    • What if I was a Coach/Facilitator willing to participate: Did I need to prepare something for the clinic? What's expected from me to do?
      • Great question. You just needed to relax, be yourself and joined us the day of the SM Clinic #MTL. We expected you to had fun and enjoyed being surrounded by great people willing to learn more about the Scrum Masters role. We also expected you to gave 1.30 - 1.45 hours of your precious time to learn by sharing.