February’s ScrumMaster Clinic #MTL was all about mental health

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Current context's impact on us

We used the mental health's continuum model, to  evaluate in which colour we found ourselves to get a snapshoot of the whole group's evaluation.

Share impressions in triads

Then, we broke out into small virtual rooms, to share impressions about our findings from the findings we got the step above.

Where to concentrate  our energy

We went through these two images, to create some awareness about COVID-19 possible reactions, what we could do to take care of our selves, to end by taking a look to the things out and in our control.

Creating mental health's self awareness at home, my community and the workplace

We asked participants to share ideas and first steps to help with creating mental health's self awareness at home, our communities and the workplace and this is  the result.

What tools did we used to collaborate online?

We used a mural.co board and sli.do to keep the meeting interactive and fun!

And once the meeting was done ..

We invited participants to share how they felt after the meeting and this is what they said.

Willing to join the movement?

The Scrum Master Clinic #MTL  is our main mechanism to help with building the future generations of Agility Enablers in town. Ready to join? Then click the image now!
Scrum Master Clinics #MTL

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