Storming stories: funding projects vs investing in teams

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In my last storming story, I exposed my views on the impact that stakeholders have over teams and tje power of feedback to help continue improving.

Today’s storming story is about a team that has been navigating through the turbulent waters of the #practicingAgile river, while its compnay navigates through the #WaterfallprojectOriented dangerous and complex ocean, and how we have managed to survive and thrive by letting things #flow.

Storming context

  • #Bob the project manager shows up and ask #Mary the Product Owner of the #MixefFellingsScrumTeam, to come up with a high level plan (detailed goals included) for a given initiative that seemed important to the business.
  • #Bob said that he has the mandate to deliver a plan for the initiative as soon as possible, to answer back to his boss #JaneTheVP who has been complaining about it and who wanted to see results “rapido”.
  • #Bob wanted #Mary to dedicate some new team members full time to its initiative, because the #SacredBudget for the initiative forecast only a couple of “resources” to it and not the whole #MixFeelingsTeam.
  • #Bob wanted #Tom the #ScrumMaster to use its magic and guaranty him that only those “resources” were used to #JaneVP’s initiative

What is the issue here?

There is nothing wrong with it, but I would consider to answer the following questions when facing this type of scenario:

  • What’s the message that the company is sending to their people?
  • How people might feel If as leaders we send them a contradicting message like for example: ” don’t worry, I know you are part of a team but for this project, please do your best to get it done just with a few of your colleagues.
  • Is the way people work simpler or more complicated when we leadership is unclear at what they do?
  • Do we want motivated and engaged teams or quick and dirty results as soon as possible?

Trans-forming though of the week

  • What would be different at work if as a leader, instead of funding projects I give it a try and fund teams?
  • How would it be?
  • What would it take for me as leader to influence other leaders and learn by experimenting?
  • How people might feel if as leaders we send them a message that shows that we really trust at we they do?

Call to action

Did you find what I wrote appealing and want to see more?

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