Give with generosity – A history about trust

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Trust each other

It is amazing how people relationships are builded around the world, and I’m saying it because I could confirm it once again, during an extraordinary experience that I had the chance to live within a non agenda for free event last Saturday.

At the beginning of the journey, just a few people knew each other, around 10% of the participants had met before. The organizers did open the doors of their offices, to receive at least 17 persons from outside of the company, that they didn’t know before the meeting happens. We (the organizers) were convinced, that all people coming was the right people, so that, we trusted them since the moment they decided to support our initiative.

After the welcome activities, people started to interact, there were a couple of conversations, just a few around the conference rooms during the breaks, but once we did a couple of activities together and they confirm that we were true and that we just want to spend the day learning and sharing for free, by believing on their capacity to give, the magic started. We could experience how connected they were, how their emotions showed up and there were able to click one to the other.

By the end of the day, everybody wanted to stay, all of us were touched by the generosity that every human being has inside, we break the walls and by creating bridges during every single coaching exercise that we did together, we builded Trust and it was so powerful that I felt that a bond did born between each other, something that just us could share, an incredible feeling of happiness that this kind of non agenda meeting is able to make on people.

I’d learned that if you give with generosity, you will receive trust in exchange and I loved.

So this is my challenge to you. Try to do something without waiting anything on exchange, observe, be attentive to what happen and for sure you will be surprised.

Thank you for sharing and learning together.

See you at the next Agile Pill.

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