In alignment with the desires of your heart

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Working from home day count: 15

Current Work Context: Coaching a 12 people new IT Digital Workplace department . One team,  three different domains of expertise, all working remotely from home. The whole company is working from home too.

What brought me to write this post?

Today, we got our second bi-weekly 30 minutes alignment meeting with the leaders of the team (Product Owner, Team Manager and myself as the Team’s Coach), that helps to get in sync about:

  • The team’s priorities regarding the products and services.
  • Strategic guidelines to help the team continue working towards its goals and vision.
  • Keep Goals, Product Roadmap and team’s backlog connected.
  • Any major team’s road blocker that might need to be addressed together.

Something that got me curious, was how relaxed they were during the conversation. Their willingness to collaborate, to hear and help each other was remarkable. I asked myself about the reasons behind these behaviors, and these is my perception:

  • We all feel we are aligned with the desires of our hearts, likewise the rest of our teammates.
  • We feel we are contributing to something bigger than us, as individuals.
  • Everyone is contributing to the great cause and we do it because we are willing to do it. We care!
  • We feel useful and our voices are listened to, valuable, and are adding up.
  • There is a feeling of belonging, being proud, freedom to innovate, propose ideas. solutions and take action to make them happen.
  • We feel he has each other’s back.
  • And we also feel we are having a real impact on people’s lives, by making their user experiences better, simpler, reliable day after day.

That has made me wonder:

  • How much joy discovering the desires of my heart and being in alignment with them has brought to my life?
  • How much co-creation, innovation, celebration and happiness is these people spreading to them, their families and friends?
  • What else could I do to keep adding up and helping people feel valuable, happy, at choice?

What if ….. Today, there is not what if, just I will

  • I will keep spending time nurturing this profound desire, this flame I feel inside my soul, to continue bringing joy to the world through my actions, attitudes, words and behaviors.

My invitation is to spend time discovering and nurturing the desires of your heart and get alignment with it

Now that you know a little bit more about myself, I invite you to take a moment to look around, staying curious, being brave, spreading love and reflect about the following questions:

  • What are the desires of your heart that need you to be aligned with?
  • What do you do to be more aware of your profound desires in life?
  • What’s in your way to be desire-driven? What’s different in your life when you care?

Please stay at home, take a deep breathe, try to relax, keep yourself safe, and remember that:

We are incredibly better together, today more than ever!




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