Individual acts of human kindness

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Working from home day count: 19

What brought me to write this post?

At the beginning of the current week, I met with a colleague Agile Coach to share how we were doing with our lives.  He was going through a situation that might involve taking a decision that could have impacted one of his teams at the workplace, that was making him uncomfortable with himself and the values he honours in life. We started exploring the situation by going over the questions below, with the intention to help him see the issue from a different perspective:

  • How do you feel about the situation and the potential decision?
  • What other options could be explored to help with the situation?
  • What’s the reason that pushes you to make a decision right now?
  • How about waiting for a little while?

We ended the conversation without clear answers. But then, he told me how happy he was because humanity prevailed before duty, and they found a way to manage the situation by putting the human being first.

That has made me wonder:

  • How many times have I put duty before the human being behind a given situation?

What if …

  • I take a step back, learn more about that person’s context and find more options?
  • I ask for help, or just wait before pulling the trigger and move to action?
  • We spend more time thinking about others and their lives and show human kindness more often?

My invitation is to provoke change with individual acts of human kindness

Now that you know a little more about myself, I invite you to take a moment to look around, staying curious, being brave, spreading love and reflect about the following questions:

  • What decision are you rushing today?
  • What’s the potential impact of that decision on others?
  • How about an individual act of human kindness that could ease that person, group of people’s live given the current context?
  • What else could you do support others lives?

Please stay at home, take a deep breath, try to relax, keep yourself safe, and remember that:

We are incredibly better together, today more than ever!





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