It did that? 7 secrets about keeping habits

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At the beginning of 2018, I said to myself: What if I try to write something new (for the blog or my second workbook) every single two weeks?

To help me out with it, I set up a google reminder in my google calendar that would sent me an email alert every single 2 Thursday at the beginning of the day.

Guess what?

It didn’t work out at all, but why?

What has been keeping me far from writing?

Why it has been so hard for me to keep doing something that I love that much, in a regular fashion?

How it has impacted me?

Once I received the reminder that I set to myself, I felt obligated to write something, not matter where my attention was or where my focus was at that moment, and when I feel that way, I just don’t do it, even when it refers to something that I truly love like writing.

I felt unmotivated and sad inside. I don’t know why, but something was broken inside.

Yes, it did that. But it’s just now while I’m writing about it, that I realize the reasons behind of it and why I have been dismissing my calendar reminder and failing to do what I’ve intended to do.

What should I do?

Here my 7 secrets about keeping habits like writing in my case, that have brought me to write this post:

#7 Please don’t make it a habit or something that you need to do (obligation) but something that you want to do (desire)

#6 Stop blaming yourself about not keeping that habit up and do something about it. In my case, this post is my way to break with that pattern. I have also drop that google calendar reminder. It’s gone and It feels so good inside 🙂

#5 Accept that it’s OK, not being able to keep that habit up.

#4 Ask yourself, What else is keeping your attention at the moment? Maybe you would be surprised and you would learn something new.

#3 Be kind with yourself. If you love it, it will be back, so please be patient and give you some love.

#2 Identify what passionates you. It sounds easy to tell what your passions are, but just having a list of them have helped me to stay connected with what I truly love.

#1 Do it, even if it’s not 100% perfect. I wanted to write again and here I’m, sharing a blog post with you.

Now is your turn to share what your secrets about keeping habits are. Will you?

All the best,


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