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Keep acting Keep trying

I’ve started 2017 in a new company, a new professional challenge in a particular context, rarely similar to what I used to be in, back then in 2007 when I was working and living in Caracas, Venezuela.

A volatile and uncertain context

I decided to join this company, believed or not unconsciously attracted by the uncertainty behind the mandate. What I mean by that is: My mandate was half defined, and the other half would be set depending of some variables tied to the context, that would be cleared out by mid January 2017.

How should I take this? 

Being in the middle of a huge company transition, surrounded by a group of amazing people expecting for a big change to happen for the past 2 years, facing budgetary restrictions combined with high expectations given that a new fiscal year has started.

That, I wasn’t expecting it all together in one shoot. It sounds complicated right? It smells uncertain, unclear, unexpected, but given all that I’m still here facing the challenge, living the experience.

But know what? What should I do?:

  • Should I cut dry and run?
  • Should I wait and pray?
  • Should I keep up?
  • What about Inspecting and adapting?

Keep trying

I’m a figther, someone who believes in people and our willingness as human beings for making the world a better place every single day.

I believe in the power of hope, and I know that when facing chaos, great opportunities arise. That’s why I keep trying things, giving a hand to those that need it, adding smiles to people’s faces just by listening to them actively, trying my best to be compassionate, and empathetic.

Is that enough to spark change when people has accepted that status quo is easier and safer?

Keep acting

I think that hope requires action. Believers that are willing to try things out, experiment and learn by doing something.

Leaders that are ready to face their own fears and show that it’s possible to make things happen, even when we are struggling, when it seems unattainable, is there when leadership is required to inspire and rise.

My invitation for you in 2017

I invite you to keep trying and acting this year, to lead by example and keep trying hard, by taking your past experiences and making them your best tools. To look up for small but courageous acts of hope and let them inspire you. To give it a voice to your dreams and to work together to change ourselves and collaborate more and more, to help each other and enjoy the journey as much as possible. This is it, live is short to take it easy so take a leap of faith and believe that you can.

I hope I will hear from you soon!








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