How to facilitate a retrospective?

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  1. Take time to plan your retrospective in advance
  2. Share the proposed agenda with participants at least 1 day before the meeting, to allow participants to be prepared for it.
  3. Keep it clear and simple.
  4. Set some collaboration and communication rules to follow during the meeting:
    1. Keep the video camera on all along the meeting
    2. Mute yourself when others are speaking
    3. Raise your hand to show you want to talk
    4. Avoid more than one conversation at a time
  5. At the beginning of the meeting, take time to explain to participants how to use communication and collaboration tools during the meeting and validate with them if they feel ready to move forward once the explanation is done.
  6. Be patient and set time for biological pauses.
  7. Ask participants permission to record conversations before doing it.

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