How to facilitate an iteration/sprint review?

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Tips and Tricks

  1. I like to have a slide deck prepared before hand that contains the following elements:
    • A basic set of online collaboration rules like:
      • keep your mic on mute while you are not talking
      • Listen to each other
      • Let’s have one conversation at a time
      • Follow facilitator’s instructions during the meeting
      • Have fun
    • An overview of what an iteration/sprint review is about (your one pager favorite image)
    • Iteration Goal(s)
    • Iteration/sprint status
      • Product Backlog Items completed, in progress and to do
    • Iteration/Sprint Review Content
      • Elements that would presented or discussed by the team, that were previously collected during the daily sync meeting.
    • What’s next (coming up)
      • The focus of the upcoming iteration/sprint, previously validated with the Product/Service owner of the team.
  2. As facilitator of the meeting, you are the one who goes over the deck until we get the Iteration/Review content element, where team members take control over the mic.
    • During this phase of the meeting, pay attention and keep track of time frames to ensure the meeting is on track.
    • Ensure that questions are responded or addressed offline is answers are taking too long.
  3. Once all content has been shared, thank participants and the team for their contribution.
  4. Learn more about facilitating iteration/sprint reviews

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