How to set up working agreements to collaborate online?

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Tips, ideas and suggestions

  1. Start by proposing a list of working agreements like:
    • Mute your microphone once we start a meeting.
    • Keep your video camera on all along the meeting if possible.
    • The team’s back chat channel to discuss during and after the meeting would be “name of the back chat channel”.
    • Please avoid having more than one conversation at a time.
    • Listen to each other.
    • Follow your facilitator instructions.
    • Use E.L.M.O (Enough Let’s Move On) for indicate to your facilitator that you would like to move on to the next subject.
  2. Give it a try in a meeting and before the end of the meeting, take time with the team to add or remove items to the list.
  3. Keep them always at hand for the team
    • You could turn it into a document and pin it to a Tab in your pervasive chat channel

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