Improving the iteration/sprint review

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Tips, ideas and suggestions

  1. Before the meeting preparation:
    • If you are like me and graphic recording is something you use to add clarity to the meetings you facilitate, then I suggest you to find a room with a whiteboard.
    • Divide the whiteboard into four areas:
      • Sprint status
      • Items to be demonstrated
      • What’s next
      • Stakeholders Feedback
    • Sprint status content:
      • Sprint/Iteration Goal (if available)
      • Amount of Product Backlog Items completed
      • Amount of Product Backlog Items not completed
      • % Completion Ratio= Completed/not completed
      • Sprint Issues that could have impacted sprint outcomes
    • Ask the team to tell what Product Backlog Items will be demonstrated
    • Ask Product/Service owner or whoever set priorities to tell what’s next in terms of priorities (next sprint high level goal)
    • Draw three faces in the “Stakeholders Feedback” area: Happy face, OK face, unhappy face
  2. During the meeting tricks:
    • Welcome everyone
  3. After the meeting tricks:

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