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Did somebody within the team, or even within the organization asked you why do we need to prepare a meeting at the end of the sprint to demonstrate what was done? Is the term who make it difficult ? What content is enough ? what is the audience of this ceremony? Why do we (the team) need to invest time preparing it, if we already show the content to the Product Owner? Why is the scrum master insisting on the importance of this ceremony?

“The sprint review is a ceremony which happens at the end of the iteration and is just one of the mechanisms to inspect what the team (developers) have done. Some feedback is involved to allow the team adapt during future iterations, in a way, is the team time to shine and show that they are delivering value to the company”

Is that what you think?  What else should be added/ removed to explain it quick and dirty?

As presented in the prezi document named “Sprint Reviews – Tips & Tricks“, you will be able to share and teach easily, some tips and tricks about this important ceremony for a scrum team

Thank you for sharing what ever thoughts you have in mind.

Enjoy and please spread the word.

See you soon.

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