March’s ScrumMaster Clinic #MTL – Scrum Master as Change Agent & Enabling a Scrum-Friendly Culture at the workplace

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The Subject & proposed agenda

We went through the Scrum Master as Change Agent posture, by exploring challenges and actions to enable/influence/provoke a Scrum-Friendly culture at the workplace.


The Scrum Master as Change Agent role & the characteristics of a Scrum-Friendly culture

First, we invited participants to take 5 minutes to individually read/learn more about the role of a Scrum Master as change agent and the characteristics of a Scrum-Friendly culture.

What have we learned about the Scrum Master role as a Change agent?

Then, we invited participants to share with the group their findings about the Scrum Master role as a change agent by answering a survey, and we got this list:

Let's talk about the characteristics of a Scrum-Friendly culture at the workplace

We invited participants to vote what elements from a Scrum-Friendly culture were visible to them at the workplace, using  a survey once again and take a moment to see the patterns the emerged from the group, and we got the results displayed by the image aside.

Challenges and Actions

We broke out into virtual rooms were groups of 3 people were invited to meet and spent 30 minutes answering two questions: What challenges do we face on the field to influence a change towards a Scrum-Friendly culture? What actions make sens to make that change happen? 

What actions shall we privilege?

We invited participants to indicate which action shall we privilege as a group, to help organizations embrace a Scrum-friendly culture at the workplace and got these results.

What tools we used to help us collaborate online?

We used once again a board and to keep virtual interactions alive, lean and fun, all at the same time.


What's up for the next month?

Participants selected  this topic for our upcoming Scrum Master Clinic #MTL on April 6th 2021:

We are building the future

The Scrum Master Clinics #MTL is one of the mechanism we have put into place to help with building the future generations of Agility Enablers in town, and you could be part of it. 
Scrum Master Clinics #MTL

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