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How many times I have told myself after a conversation:

  • I could have said these or that in this or that way.
  • What if I had asked an open ended question to validate my perceptions, instead of jumping directly into offering solutions mode?
  • What would had happened if I would had actively listened ?
  • What if I had offered my help to the person in front of me instead of playing the superhero and be the one offering the right solution or action to be taken?
  • Would this feeling that I did something wrong would disappear from my body?

Being patient has been one of the most challenging things that I have been facing for the past 10 years in my live.

Since I’ve moved to Canada, I immediately realize that it would require a lot of patience to accomplish things in my new live as immigrant and it did. These are some examples that I have at hand, to help you see what I mean:

  • Being able to understand others and express myself properly in both official languages (English and French).
  • Get a job in my domain of expertise (Informatics).
  • Get my previous work experiences recognized, given that I was the newbie in town.
  • Build a reputation in the domain so then people get to know who I was.

As you can imagine, accomplishing things like those mentioned above, could take a decent amount of time in live. That’s why I think that Being Patient is something that we must consider as a critical element of our way of living, especially when it involves decision making and taking actions towards what we desire in live.

What Being Patient Means to me?

I can describe it as a regular, seasoned, educated and well rounded sense of self awareness.

It’s to me the ability to see yourself in the mirror, look deeply and be objective, humble enough to let things go and get ready to take opportunities when it shows.

It is also a matter of leaving your ego aside and learn about everything and enjoy the journey.

It also means being resilient and allow yourself to be present at this moment right now, ready to feel and enjoy whatever is going on in your live.

It means to stop putting pressure on ourselves trying to be somewhere else, instead of being appreciative with where we are or what we have now.

Techniques that I use to increase my Patience

Self-Awareness: get yourself time to reconnect with your authentic self. How? Start a Coaching relationship with a coach that Inspire you and can help you move forward. If solving problems is not enough, then look into the past with the help of a Psicoanalist. You can also work on peers and ask for constructive feedback from your colleagues.

Listen to your body: pay close attention to your body’s voice and listen carefully, especially when under uncomfortable situations. Take notes and look for patterns, maybe you they would lead you to something repetitive. Look for underlying reasons behind you being impatient and see what happens then, once you’re impatient self has took control.

Keep Trying: please remember to continue trying but please do it without forcing things. Accept what happens and look forward to what you have learned through it.

Live in the present: be there for yourself today. Try to focus on what’s possible today because what don’t have any guaranties that tomorrow would happen.

Appreciate what you have done: you work hard to get want you want, and that has value only if you see it and appreciate it. So celebrate the effort that you put into it, and you are able to have fun and do it with passion, it is going to come through.

Now is your turn. So tell us, What do you do to help you build your Patience and stay strong?




  1. I believe deeply in self motivation, self love and believing in yourself. I think giving time, setting a realistic goal is key for any change or transformation in life.This are things we have to learn once we immigrate to another country where we encounter new challenges.

    1. Author

      Thank you Natalie for sharing your comment. I do believe in self-motivation too as the main ignitor to keep you moving forward. More than that, I would say being humble and grounded enough would help you when impatience knock the door. Thank you for being there and enrich my journey. All the best

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