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Personal Stories: Listening my heart

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Personal Stories: Listening my heart

Since the moment I’ve accepted, that I’m a Work In Progress person, who is far from being perfect and proud of being it, life has being wide easier. Being a new dad has tought me, the importance of living in the present to enjoy every single part of live that the universe offers you. But the most important lesson that I’ve recently learned from parenting, is to listen to my heart and do whatever feels right instead of following pre-established society or familly rules.

How is that possible?

You know that inner voice that we all have inside of our brain, that is generally there to tell you what feels right and what doesn’t? What is right and what’s wrong? Well, that’s the voice that comes from reasoning which I’ve named “Pedro” just for fun to identify it, given that it represents the master of saboteurs: “The Judge”. Once that my dear friend and Coach Mike Edwards  help me get though coaching to identify, that live would be wide better for me if I would be able to pair with “Pedro” and put him beside me instead of in front of me, when facing crucial moments, I would better enjoy life, without less judgement and more heart.

Listenting to my heart: It takes daily practice

Once I came to the conclusion that I would live my live by listening to my heart, I started a daily practice that goes this way:

  • Build enough self-awareness to be able to conciously identify when “Pedro” shows up, basically by learning to listen to how my body feels in those moments.
  • Say a joke out loud to celebrate that “Pedro” is there, willing to take control of the situation by Judging me.
  • Take a moment to pause.
  • Listen to my heart, and have the courage to do what feels right.

A great opportunity to do what Feels right, to make more sense

As an agile practitioner, I help people in organizations to collaborate effectively and find heart when doing it, but all starts with doing what feels right, isn’t it? What am I always trying to do to help people is what makes more sense to them, isn’t it? Given so, what if I start with myself first, but how?

  1. First, If I follow my heart with actions, then maybe others will do the same.
  2. Instead, by doing what feels right I would inspire others by example, and that what I want to do as a leader.
  3. The more I do it, the best it feels, and if I feel happy, living with joy and at choice, I feel free to live a fully live in the present, and maybe others would do the same

What have I learned?

Just to give an idea about how lucky I’m to do what I do for living, I have had the chance to learn all these about myself:

  • It takes practice and courage to do what feels right, but it feels great when you have passed though it.
  • I want to be the best parent to my daughter, so I would try my best to show her that it always starts with yourself.
  • I’ll continue being myself, showing the example.
  • I’ll stay loyal to my values and live my live though them.
  • I’ll do my best to continue helping others to growth but keep starting by myself first.

What About you?

How all these resonates with you?

All the best wishes and thank you for being there for me!



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