This is the story of how effective collaboration, a common worflow that’s visible to everyone, active listening, clear goals, patience and a lot of courage can revive hope over a passionate group of people.

iWeb is one of Canada’s first internet infrastructure providers. For more details click here.

  • People involved: between 30 to 40
  • Years practicing agile methodologies: 8+


(1) Transform a system engineers team into a platform unit, given a constrained context (no vision, no goals, limited amount of people but a tone of work to do, low moral, absence of follow up, people with different backgrounds ans different skills).

(2) Help the Engineering department within a company that is part of another company, to survive, thrive and prevail; and that implies:

  • Help leaders improve communication and collaborate effectively.
  • Help Product Management improve the Product life Cycle to be able to deliver and get things done.
  • Help leaders with prioritization and decision making.
  • Help leaders find ways to keep initiatives visible and shared with the whole team.
  • Help the departament get things done faster but efficiently.
  • Help leaders with finding mechanisms to keep people happy and motivated.
  • Find ways to keep the right people at the right place.
  • Identify areas of improvement and help with creating processes to get everyone in the same page.
  • Enable change across the board.
  • Find change enablers to create momentum and motivate people.
  • Spread love and tones of smiles!

How I’ve Helped: 

  • Created some awareness at the team and interteam level.
  • Made visible work in progress at the strategic level.
  • Help people in the Cloud Team feel valued at what they were doing

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