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Season 2 – Episode #2 – Ann-Marie Kong – Leaders

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Season #2 – Agility Enablers – Leaders

Here is episode #2 of the series of interviews now called “Agility Enablers“, with the unique, hard worker, co-active professional coach, my own coach Ann-Marie Kong.

Ann-Marie’s mission is to transform leaders and to elevate you to your next level of greatness by unlocking your potential, and co-create a better world one conversation at a time, one leader at a time.

She serves as a change coach for leaders like you, to unlock your potential, navigate change and transform your life. She is a ⋆Co-Active ⋆Agile Coach, versatile leader, community grower and avid learner on the Co-Active coaching journey deepening in my transformation. Ann-Marie is passionate about empowering leaders to be who you truly are, to live your dreams and aspirations and to achieve your life’s goals. I partner with you to raise you to your next level of greatness. She also empowers teams to be awesome in co-creating and delivering value early and often by centering myself, growing synergistic partnerships, and applying Agile approaches to achieve business outcomes. Ann-Marie’ stands for love, connection, and community. These attributes combined with my purpose, values, and passion empowers me to live my life fulfilled.

You could learn about the her and the work she does at

October = Season # 2

This new season will be dedicated to discover the human being behind the Agility Enabler that acts everyday as an organizational Leader or as people who help leaders adopt a lean/agile mindset to keep growing their leadership.

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Meanwhile, I personally thank you for reading this article and watching our interviews. I celebrate your courage, bravery, perseverance and resilience.

Here my today’s reflections for you:

  • After watching the interview: What got you curious after watching the interview?How the content resonates with you?
    • What’s possible now? 

About “Agility Enabler” previously called “A day in the life of an Agility Enabler”

The intention

  • Help with building the next Agility Enabler’s generation worldwide.
  • Highlight the amazing and talented Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches, Product Owners/Managers and Agile Leaders from the Lean/Agile Montreal’s community.
  • Reveal what a day in the life of an Agility Enabler looks like, and confirm that such a thing doesn’t exist at what we do.
  • Discover the human being behind the Agility Enabler, its story, challenges, successful stories, tips, tricks and many more.
  • Create awareness about what an Agility Enabler do/don’t do to help people and organizations survive and thrive.

How does it work?

  • Every week we will do our best to:
    • Have new Agility Enabler(s) featured in the interview(s).
    • Release new video interview youtube premiere each Friday’s at 7.15 am (GMT-4).
      • We will release 1 video per week.
    • All interviews will be available on my youtube (video) and (podcast) channels
    • Bring you the best interview it could have.
    • Have fun sharing our gift with the world.

Thanks again for watching, reading or sharing my content, please keep yourself and others around you safe, and remember that:

No matter what happens, I strongly believe that we are incredibly better together!


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