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How do I share and demonstrate that I care about something?

  • I use words to tell how much I care about something.
  • It brings me joy to write articles, speak at events and enable conversations around subjects that I care about.
  • I use drawings and graphical recording, to share my thoughts and summarize others ideas.
  • I take time to listen to myself and others as a way to demonstrate I care.
  • I share my passions mainly via and by adding relevant content to my website.
  • I ask others to verify my work, as a way to share and improve at what I do.
  • I love sharing delicious meals with family, friends and colleagues.

What about others around?

Yesterday, I did some configuration to merge two product backlogs into a new one, to help a new team that we are building at a client, and I did something that I haven’t done with this new team so far. I asked for a volunteer to review my work and then something magical happened: the person immediately bloomed and helped me improve my work and another one joined the conversation to continue elevating what I did and it tooks us let’s than 5 minutes. That’s the power of sharing 

That has made me wonder:

  • How many times have I kept things to myself because I felt scared about others’ judgments?
  • How much creativity and innovation I have left out, just by keeping things to self?

What if …..

  • I consciously share what I do with others?
  • What would be different if I make sharing one of my main values in life?

My invitation is to expend time sharing 

Now that you know a little bit more about myself, I invite you to take a moment and look around, staying curious and being brave.

  • What mechanisms do you use to share what you do with the world?
  • What is stopping you to share, learn from it, love and be loved in return?

Keep it up, and remember:

We are better together!


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