Stopping counterproductive behavior with TRIZ

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I had the opportunity to facilitate a Program Increment (PI) Planning session with 6 Lean/Agile teams at the beginning of this week, which involve a retrospective to help with improving the whole exercise for the next time.

My intention

So I put my courage on and experimented using #TRIZ, one of the #liberatingstructures, to help us retrospect to stop counterproductive behavior and make space for innovation in the upcoming #PIPlanning exercise.

Sequence of steps

1. I invited participants to join one of the 5 groups were already formed and brainstorm about the worst possible scenario that we could end up with, by the end of a Program Increment planning meeting. (5 minutes)

2. Then I asked them to think about a list of behavior/actions we could do to make that scenario happen. 

I tried to use 1,2,4 All here but it didn’t work, so it ended up being a group discussion for about 10 minutes and the 3 minutes each group sharing their findings with everyone.

3. Then I asked to create a second list with those behaviours/actions listed in the original list, that we were currently doing. (10 minutes discussion and then 3 minutes sharing with everyone in the room)

4. To finish, I asked them to come up with at least one action/first step to stop the counterproductive behaviour that would lead the group to end up with a confidence vote extremely low (1/2) and really bad bad plan for the upcoming quarter. (5 minutes and then Sharing with the whole group)

What was the outcome of the exercise?

The group produced five (5) action items that were made visible to everyone in a big white post-it. Volunteers from the crowd raised their hands taking ownership to make the action items a reality within the upcoming quarter.

What worked well?

  • It took only 40 minutes to get the whole group to came up with concrete actions to a problem we experienced during the planning session.
  • Everyone was really engaged into the conversation and everyone participated.

What could be improved next time?

I struggle to introduce the exercise, given that I didn’t voice my intention upfront, so at least 2 participants were question why we were brainstorming about the worst potential scenario in the first place. I would prepare myself better next time and share my intention with the activity upfront.

Call to action

  • Did you find what I wrote appealing and want to see more?
  • Would you like to experience the power of the liberating structures?

Here some options that I have prepared for you to keep us growing together:

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  1. I like the idea of having everyone involved in a PI planning session define how they’ll be working together going forward–good use of TRIZ to get them brainstorming!

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