Storming stories – Dancing with my ego

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On a regular basis, I find myself helping others to reconnect with their more authentic selves.
I do this through intentional and meaningful conversations: by caring about how others are living their lives; as a way to nurture my curiosity, keep learning and try new things that would allow me continue exploring and expanding my own boundaries.

What about it?

I have realized after years of trying how powerful active listening can be to build strong and deep relationships, and how great it feels when a connection is made.

It feels great when people choose you to help them gain perspective, invite you to share your your point of view with them or simply share tthoughts with you.

And sometimes my Ego decides to take the lead and…

I get lost and suddenly my focus turns to much into growing my own self instead of mirroring others behaviors and attitudes.

What’s the impact of it?
• It became harder to keep my neutral and cool.
• Things easily became a personal matter.
• I start judging others actions.
• It feels bad inside.
• I don’t feel at choice.

Trans-forming though of the week

  • What would it take for me/you to keep dancing with our egos, by staying humble enough, having fun and keep serving others to reach their highest potential?
  • How would it feel inside?
  • How different it would be, for yourself and those around you?
  • What changes might need to be made, to increase our humbleness, be able to keep growing and learning as human beings, instead of inaccessible experts?

Well, I wish you have enjoyed my story but I’m curious to know about yours.

Time to take action

Did you like what I wrote and want to see more?

Here some options that I have for you:

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  2. Encourage me to keep writing the second workbook of the Agile teams from forming to performing called “Storming Agile Teams”.
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  4. Share this post with your colleagues and friends.
  5. Be compassionate with yourself, have fun 😃 and spread it around your world 🌎

All the best,


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