Storming stories: Impediments are piling up at the workplace, what could we do?

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What happens when things start to slow down up to a level that you fell everything needs tones of efforts to be done? How much fun are you having at your work place today? Maybe impediments are piling up. 

Here is what I do to validate my perception when impediments are piling up:

First of all, listen to your inner voice

When I find myself wining, feeling frustrated, powerless and useless at the workplace, then is clear to me that impediments are pilling up.

It feels unclear

When asked about who does what, and how work flows, if the answer that pops starts with “it depends, if this then that”, well that’s another clear consequence of impediments that are pilling up.

It makes no sense

If people are doing things that are nonsense, like reworking, back and forward emails to get written confirmation out of disrespected verbal engagement, then impediments are pilling up

It feels unsafe

You feel it, your colleagues feel it too. It is unsafe to talk and tell the truth. You can smell people’s fearing to speak their minds, then impediments are pilling up.

Sarcasm is everywhere

We start using sarcasm to express our concerns and voice through heavy and acid jokes what is causing frustration, then impediments are pilling up.

Here my top four remedies to this dangerous combo:

#3 – Everything starts with yourself first. Take a moment to assess the situation, talk to someone who is not directly involved in the situation and ask her/his opinion about the situation. It will help you with building self Awareness and confirm your perceptions about the situation.

#2 – Step back and let it go. If you have paused on step 3, take a break again. At this point of the conversation your jugement and emotional state could be affected. Breath, run, take a walk, talk to your loved person, dog or cat. Give it space and let it go.

#1 – Make things visible, do it with compassion and love. Find the sponsor for the change that you are trying to provoke, support, help with and offer her/him your perspective out of the situation. My friend Philippe Cousineau remembered me that a SWOT Analysis could be a great help to put things into perspective and facilitate the conversation. And remember, be calm and ready to help and offer your perspective without letting your emotions drive your thoughts.

#0 – Take your courage and have a crucial conversation. Grab a coffee with those who could help with removing impediment out the way of change and do whatever is in your power to make them see/hear to your perspective and let it sink. Give it some time and magic will happen probably in surprising and unexpected ways.

Call to action

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