Storming stories: where do I fit in here?

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Last week when running a eNPS retrospectives, I noticed that one of the lower scores, came from a team member whom, since the beginning of the team’s composition (4 months ago), has been expressing its discomfort about the way things are within an Agile context.

Discomfort Symptoms

  • Team members are consistently asking: how things are properly done in “Agile”? What’s the proper way to do this or that?
  • Typical questions I have got are: “I don’t understand, would you mind explaining how decisions are made here? “Do you mind telling me what’s my role again?” “Why it’s now my responsibility to keep my partners accountable during a given iteration but also provide them with regular feedback about what they do daily? I’m not its manager.”
  • I have seen team members expressing different types of frustration and lack of hope along the process. Comments like, “this is not going to work”, “I don’t understand who does what, I’m lost”, “etc”.
  • I have seen people ranting or just gossiping about how wrong things became since this “Agile” thing came up.
  • I have seen managers, team members and directors trapped within infinit loops of questions that they felt unpowered to answer by themselves.

Potential impacts


  • I have seen that people whom show these patterns, tend to lose focus and start working on things that are important for them but not necessarily aligned with what the team, company has decided to do.
  • Inattention to team results, that could express through a lack of quality of its own work or works from others.


  • Another typical one, is a lack of visibility and transparency about their work during a given iteration, which normally leads to heated conversations with colleagues and managers (sense of waste).
  • It might be difficult for individuals in these mind set, to connect with its team mates to create relationships based on trust.
  • It might be hard to engage and embrace required changes and ready to learn and grow.

Trans-forming though of the week

Have you ever been in a situation where you were required to change the only way you learned to do things?

Even if you haven’t, I invite you to take a look at the following video, that would get you with some perspective about how challenging might be to unlearn something commonly learned when you were a child, like how to ride your bike 🚲:

After watching this video, I leave you with some reflections:

  • What have you learned?
  • How have you treated people in your teams who aren’t able to “get it” in “Agile” context?
  • What have you done to help yourself and others re-learn and feel part of the change again?
  • What is holding you up?

I wish you have enjoyed my story but I’m curious to know about yours.

Time to take action

Did you like what I wrote and want to see more?

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  2. Encourage me to keep writing the second workbook of the Agile teams from forming to performing called “Storming Agile Teams“.
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All the best,


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