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During the past three months, I have worked with a couple of clients, to find ways to improve their company results at different levels (strategic, tactic or operational).

Basically what I do as a Continuous Improvement Agent, is to help clients with identifying areas where there is potential to do something in a way that could lead to better results. I use agile, lean and other practices as tools to make things happen as soon as possible, including everyone in the process with kindness and tones of love.

What happen when things make sense?

  • People’s mind light up and then motivation takes over.
  • There is openness to listen because we see things working naturally.
  • It feels great inside and we want to do more and more.
  • When done it together, a collective feeling of co-creation takes place and win over any potential road blocker.
  • We feel empowered and start questioning the world around us to make simpler, natural, better.
  • There is something inside us like a horse power, that moves us to at least try it, because now is worthy.
  • We feel we can do things and that makes us feel greater, stronger than ever.
  • Change is possible and that’s the entry door for possibilities.

Isn’t great?

Here some examples of making sense out of things, that I’ve collected recently from two of my clients:

1. Client A: We deliver work directly to our clients in a regular basis (every 2 weeks) as soon as the piece of software is ready to be delivered. Given that, there is no need for us to get together as a team to spend time demonstrating what was done within an iteration. Isn’t that a waste of time?

2.Client B: so by setting a common goal for the sprint and defining together What the customer wants, understanding why he/she need it right now, and establishing a common high level strategy to tackle it without defining a precise plan about how we are going to do it, then being focused makes a lot of sense. Now I’ve got it!

But wait a minute right there. This is not the first time that I here these kind of acknowledgements, isn’t ?

So what’s different ?

Sense of urgency: Since I’ve started my career as a Consultant three months ago, I feel the need to perform faster, efficiently and to get better results sooner than later. My clients are putting a lot of pressure into getting results as they pay, and that’s new to me!

Consciousness: I have a higher level of consciousness about my own capacities, my limits, boundaries and what I’m able and to able to compromise. There is also a better understanding of myself and who I am, which is giving fuel and drive to continue moving on.

Really connected with my passion: I have joined Pyxis Technologies in July 2017, and let me tell you that I have found my tribe. I’m so motivated and inspired by what my colleagues do every single day, the level of collaboration and co-creation, the speed of learning that I’m always excited about what’s next! I am so glad that I have reconnected with my passions, this time in a different level.

Self Acceptance: I think I am accepting more and more who I am, which is helping me to make more sense out of what I do, and what others do too. I feel that I am growing more than ever as a person and that brings peace and joy.

Experience: I have more experience and that helps to add perspective, be able to pause, reflect and then act. Things are coming along naturally these days.

Self appreciation: I am in the process of learning to accept myself as a whole (good and not as good). Yesterday my friend Nathalie Desautels, offered me this gift:

When someone else behavior moves something inside that bothers you, ask yourself: Is that the reflection of a behavior that I hate or want to get ride on myself? Is the answer is yes, then what about you allow yourself permission to appreciate that too, because that’s another part of who you are.

Now is your turn to share and tell us, what do you do help you and your clients to make sense out of things?

In the meantime, until my next article where I will talking about “Continuous Improvement Challenges: Reorganizing People in Agile/Lean Context”,

I invite you to get your copy of my upcoming workbook “Storming Agile Teams“, the second volume of the Agile Teams Forming to Preforming series.

Thank you for being there and share our journey together, hope to continue sharing my learnings next week.

Wishing you all the best,



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