There is life in every breath

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How do I notice there is life in every breath I take?

  • There is movement around me, I can see it and sense it.
  • I experience change and I can see that somethings are different from the second that has just passed.
  • When I see my daughter’s eyes shining because she feels happy.
  • When dancing with my wife and we both feel our feeds flowing and moving around.
  • When someone you love is no longer there besides you.
  • When I talk with that friend who makes me laugh out loud just by seeing his number ringing my phone.
  • When I smell and share one of those wonderful desserts my wife cooks for us at home.
  • When I see daughters and nieces growing and acting like grown ups.
  • When I remember seating in my favorite beach “Playa el Agua” relaxing and feeling warm.
  • The moment I reconnect with my family and friends living abroad.
  • When me and my wife we kiss and wish each other good night before falling asleep.

How breathing has helped me recently?

Today, I had my first coaching session with my brand new coach and I had the opportunity to practice deep breathing several times, as a way to create space for listening at a deeper level. Thanks to that deep breathing practice, I was able to create enough space inside to bring light to a situation that my friend and colleague Stephane Bourque shared with me while sharing a hot chocolate. 

That has made me wonder:

  • How many times have I stopped breathing because I am just trying to catch up things?
  • What would it mean to breath more often and be able to see life in every breathe I am taking?

What if …..

  • I spend more time just being instead of doing?
  • I start seating on the sand at that beautiful beach, and just relax to create warm spaces for me and others to grow and see the bright light?
  • What would be different if I practice deep breathing daily? How life would be?

My invitation is to create space to breath and reconnect with your most authentic self

Now that you know a little bit more about myself, I invite you to take a moment and look around, staying curious and being brave.

  • How do you see life in every breath you take?
  • What habits do you practice daily help you stop, breath and start again?
  • What first action are you ready to take to spend more time seating on that beach and be warmed by the sun?

Keep it up, and remember that:

We are better together!


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