To acquire wisdom, one must observe

What kind of wisdom am I gaining through observation?

As Agility Enabler, one of the crucial skills I use to help people, teams and organizations survive and thrive is Observation.

I found this definition interesting:

Observation: the action or process of observing something or someone carefully or in order to gain information

How do I use Observation to Enable Agility at the workplace?

  • Learn everything about people:
    • What are they passionate about.
    • What they like, dislike.
    • How they communicate and collaborate.
    • Their attitudes when working with others.
    • Their capacity to interact with others
    • The way their envelop messages when communicating
    • How do they like to be treated and how they treat others.
    • What motives, frustrates them.
    • How do they think and process information.
    • How do they learn.
  • Have a better understanding of who I am,  how do I react and response when working with others.
  • Learn about others opinions, ideas and get different perspectives for a given situation.
  • Adapt my communication, leadership style to each person.
  • By observing others behaving, I could see myself reflected and learn more about self.
  • Know what to ask and how to do it.
  • Find ways to build trust with that person, team or organization and influence them to make possible the impossible.
  • Keep growing as a person and help others grow too.
  • Pay attention to what matters to others.
  • Learn how to help others from their own perspective.
  • Gain information to make a system a better one.
  • Improve my listening skills and be in the present moment.

What about you?

  • What do use Observation for in life?
  • How do you practice Observation daily? What’s your favorite technique? I like to take notes in a digital journal, and get back to them from time to time.
  • What would be different if you were observing carefully yourself to gain information? What would change?
  • What’s holding back to start now?

My invitation is to spend time observing yourself and the world around you

I personally thank you for reading my article. I celebrate your courage, bravery, perseverance and resilience.

Please take a deep breath, keep yourself and others around you safe, and remember that:

No matter what happens, I strongly believe that we are incredibly better together!



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