Truth frees you from all births

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What brought me to write this post? 

Two weeks ago when offering feedback to my friend and colleague Joseph Rossi, he noticed I was turning around the point, avoiding to be straight and direct with him. When finally I delivered my feedback to him, he asked me what follows:

Jesus, I felt you trying to envelop your message instead of being direct with me. When you did that, something felt off and you lost my attention.

Once he said that, I asked him to try again and once I told him directly what I felt was true to me, we both felt strongly connected by something greater than both of us.

That makes me wonder…

  • How many times have I doubted myself and turned around the truth? What did I fear
  • What is my friend and dear saboteur “Tom, the pleaser” doing to me, when something I consider to be the truth needs to be said?
  • How many times I was off when trying to be direct with others?
  • What would be different if we were honest, direct when telling our truth to others around us?

I learned that …

  • It feels so good to tell your truth, that I will continue doing it.
  • I am able to be direct with people as a way to show I care about them.
  • Once I got permission from the other partie, being honest and direct is a gift for both of us.
  • Telling the truth frees me, allows me to be the most authentic version of myself and accept who I am.
  • Being direct is a way to take care of myself and others too.

My invitation is to find the truth that frees you

I personally thank you for reading my article. I celebrate your courage, bravery, perseverance and resilience.

Here some reflections I have for you today:

  • How often do you tell your truth going straight to the point?
  • What do you do to stay true to yourself, your values and principles?
  • What is holding you back to be the most honest, direct and truthful version of yourself?
  • Imagine just for a moment, that you practice honesty, being straight with people and direct when communicating. What is possible now?

Please stay at home, take a deep breath, keep yourself safe, and remember that:

No matter what happens, I strongly believe that we are incredibly better together!






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