Understand your customers, deeply and genuinely

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What brought me to write this post? 

Today, we kicked off a new Agile/Lean coaching mandate, with the leaders of a given department within my main client.

Before the kick-off meeting started, we had the client’s needs at hand, so it would have been easier for us, just to sit with them and through a set of potential solutions that, from our point of view, would help them fix what they exposed as problems/needs.

Instead, we spent 50% of the meeting exploring together:

  • Examples of situations/pains/issues that brought them to ask us for help (as Agility Enablers).
  • Their Why’s:
    • Why was it important?
    • Why needs to be solved now?
  • Their truth and aspirations for a better future, where all their issues have improved.

That makes me wonder…

  • How many times have I skipped getting to know my customers better? 
  • What has made me avoid being curious about them, and jump into solution mode?
  • What have I missed? What was the rush? What do I want to prouve? 
  • Did I serve them right without active listening?

I learned that …

  • Your customers want you to learn about their problems, to listen to them.
  • Staying curious and being present are two powerful tools, to get to know your clients, by having fun and learning at the same time.
  • If you want customers, you need to be open to learn through active listening.
  • We could do better at knowing our clients, just by going back to the root cause of their needs.

My invitation is to learn more about your audience through curiosity and active listening

I personally thank you for reading my article. I celebrate your courage, bravery, perseverance and resilience.

Here some reflections I have for you today:

  • How much do you know about your clients? What do they enjoy doing? What makes them suffer?
  • What do you do to understand them deeply and genuinely?
  • What would change if you spend time together, just to get to know each other?
  • How do you feel when someone else understands you deeply and genuinely?
  • Imagine that, you use your curiosity and active listening to connect with your clients. What is possible now?

Please stay at home, take a deep breath, keep yourself safe, and remember that:

No matter what happens, I strongly believe that we are incredibly better together!







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