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What brought me to write this article?

I was sharing a virtual coffee with a colleague today and he wanted to hear my opinion about the feedback he got from proposal he made yesterday to the team. I immediately put on my curious helmet and asked a couple of questions to help us explore the situation:

I started with what intrigued me first:

  • What do you want to get from me given you an opinion about the reaction you got?
    • He wanted to understand why he got a different answer than he was expecting.

Then I asked several questions to help me help each other understand/clarify where we were:

  • What was your intention when offering that proposal to your leader?

He said his intention was to bring perspective to his leader and inspire other leaders within the organization to add an additional layer that would bring value to employees.

For the following questions, he said he didn’t think about them until I asked him:

  • What were you expecting your leader to do?
  • What were you expecting to get out this proposal? Approval? validation? Action? Nothing? Not Sure?
  • Who do you think might be impacted by your proposal, if your leader decides to use it as it?
  • Which stand were you playing when you decided to propose a solution instead of offering a perspective to your leader?

that has made me wonder

  • How many times have I proposed a solution to influence change or bring perspective?
  • How many times have I offered a solution without being clear about the reasons that brought me to propose that solution ?
  • What stand have I taked when asking others to lead instead of myself taking the lead?

What if …

  • I stay curious about the stand I want to take in every single situation?
  • I invest more time getting clarity before taking action?
  • I lead by example and keep trying to influence others to attain possitive results?

My invitation is for you to take the leader stand and influence others 

I have still a lot to learn, experience, create and I feel grateful for that, so now that you know a little bit more about myself, I invite you to take a moment to look around, staying curious, being brave and spreading love and reflect about the following questions:

  • What stand are you taking in front of any situation that requires change in your life? 
  • What’s different when you take the leader stand?
  • What’s possible?
  • What’s holding you back to influence others to attain possitive results?

Stay at home, take a break to relax, keep yourself safe, and remember that:

We are incredibly better together, today more than ever!








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