Tonight is the night – Agile Open Space “Awesome”

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Hi fellow Agile Lovers

I’m so happy about tonight open space experience that I’d decided to wake up early this morning just to share my thoughts about the whole experience.

Omar Bermudez, my college did an amazing job as the host of our first open space try. We’d hosted 21 people coming from inside and outside of the company just to share and talk about agile.

The evening started with 30 minutes of networking, were we had a delicious snack all set by the main sponsor of the night Seedbox Technologies. After that, Omar asked the people to come to the circle to introduce the activity. Once everybody was there, Omar introduced the open space, the organizers and the sponsors, given then a chance to the guest for a quick presentation.

With all that set, we were ready to open the market place which was populated quickly with a amazing subjects to be discussed soon in 4 rooms disposed to hold two sessions of about 30 minutes back to back.

During the experience, people wrote their comments, solutions, ideas and propositions about each subject proposed though the market place.

Once the latest session was gone, all people present were asked to go back to circle to share how it was the experience in a quick sentence and then event get closed.

Here some photos of our first Agile Open Space that based on the feedback we are considering a success.

Thank you to all that believe in us and gave us there hand to pull the open space together.


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