“Coaching teams: from forming to performing and more” challenge

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I’m more than happy, excited about sharing the first of several posts to come, about a question that I’m more than curious to explore. Well, suspens is good but let’s get into it. Here is the question that has inspired me to come up with the challenge:

” What we can do to ease Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters, Team leaders, Agile Managers life, when working with teams through their different stages?”

Well, it seems to me like a big question to be answered one way, because I believe that there are multiple ways to answer the question depending on the context, which would make our job more interesting from now on.

 Here is how I’ll proceed, in order to get closer to an answer that resonates more to all of us:

1) I would love to get a scientific proved solution for my question, based on what happen out there, I mean what you have observed and experiment on the field, so then we can use the scientific method to help us prove the hypothesis that I’ll share later on this post and that we will refine together.

2) I’m sharing my hypothesis with you, so then you can share back to me, some feedback that would lead us to our common hypothesis about the subject.

3) I’m sharing the canvas that I’ve created and that has inspired me to start working on this project, to help us be focused on the approach that I’m willing to explore.

4) I engage myself on sharing the results that I’m able to gather from my own observations and those that you’ll share with me, by posting my progress about the challenge, at least twice per month through my blog.

What is in it for you?

I would say:

– Another perspective of what you already know about coaching teams and helping them grow.

– A set of tools that could assist you during your journey as Agile practitioner and that will be proposed by you and the team that will join our ride.

– A lot of fun by connecting with passionate people, that is trying to solve a common situation.

So ready or not, here we go with my hypothesis:

 I’m convinced that by asking the right question, we can dramatically improve the quality of insight, innovation, and action in our organizations, our community and our own live, so what 


“If we combine powerful questioning through the arc of a coaching conversation with Tuckman’s group development model, Hersey & Blanchard situational leadership theory and some tools that would support team transitions from one stage to the other, then we will help teams to reach their maximum potential and in addition it will ease Agile practitioners journey”

Here is the link to the proposed canvas:


So, there we go, our first two(2) weeks challenge is:

1) Give me some feedback about the proposed hypothesis by completing a set of polls that I’ve prepared for you.

2) What about some feedback about the canvas? 

For further comments, please drop your thoughts directly to this post or send me a direct email to jesus.mendez.ca@gmail.com. I would be more than happy to answer you back.

Well, super that I’ve started with this project, I hope that it will resonates to you like it does to me.

All the best and see you in two weeks.



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