Jesus’s Team’s Performance Satisfaction Template

TPS Jesus's Team's Performance Satisfaction Template Gather, analyse, share and have a better understanding about
the team performance satisfaction by using Jesus's team's
performance satisfaction template. Make your team stronger
by becoming more aware about what they do and how is
being perceived.

I’ve created this template to facilitate in a simple way, great and powerful conversations between the team, stakeholders and why not customers too. By using the techniques that I’m sharing within this tool, you would be able to track the team’s performance satisfaction during an iteration through simple but beautiful happy faces. Get the team engaged with how they deliver and allow them to take ownership to what they do during the iteration review, by taking actions based on real and direct feedback.

Start now transforming and helping your team(s) to get continuous and constructive feedback by

Jesus’s Team Performance Satisfaction Template.

Did you find Jesus’s Team’s Performance Satisfaction template useful?

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